Mask Fundraiser

Don’t miss our “Unmasking Human Trafficking” fundraiser.  Support IHIJC’s efforts to reduce the demand for trafficking by directly targeting buyers of sex. Our poster campaign (cost is $12,000 for 6 months of signs) is designed to make sure that buyers (and the general public)  know that using a “prostitute” is not a victimless crime and that  lives are being destroyed.  We are making homemade, washable masks that are available for a donation, any amount you want to give, to fund this poster campaign!  Buy some for yourself, and your family members.  Give them as gifts.  Employers, give them out to employees and customers.  Share this with school administrators and business owners.  Together we will get there!  Just click on the “contact us” tab, and let us know you’re interested in masks, and someone will contact you with choices in fabric and design.  We have masks for women, men and children, and can take custom orders.

I Want A Mask!